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Little Bugs, a free Early Childhood Development Centre and lower primary school, has been created in the Namib Desert, Sossusvlei, Namibia. Education is a basic human right, but out in the desert, where we are isolated from towns and cities, and with no public transport, that human right is hard to fulfil. The community in the area is growing rapidly, and the need for education and other basic services will grow too.  Little Bugs focuses on providing free quality education and well-balanced nutrition plan for disadvantaged children of preschool and lower primary, preparing them for a better start in life.

In July 2012, Namib Sky Community Trust has been recognized and registered by the government as a “charitable trust for purpose of community education and development” , number T273/2012.

Little Bugs

“The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.”

B.B. King


Details of the project

1. Our Vision

Provide hope, inspiration and opportunities through the introduction of comprehensive education for disadvantaged children of preschool and primary school age.

2. Our Mission

Introducing a safe, healthy, stimulating and child-friendly environment for quality Early Childhood Education in the local community of Sossusvlei.

3. Our Philosophy

The school environment will provide a cultural area that stimulates the children’s curiosity and leads to knowledge in total security. The center will also emphasize practical learning by introducing lessons such as cooking, gardening and environmental education, social manners and hygiene.
Combined with medical & psychological care, parenting support, and a nutritional Program it will assure a healthy, educational and social development for our children and will have a significant impact on the community of Sossusvlei as a whole.

4. Community development

A needlework project was started in Sossusvlei, in which any person within the community is encouraged to join and learn new sewing techniques. The items which are hand made will then be sold to the public. The aim of the project is to to create a sense of community while teaching a new skill and assisting the sustainability of the school.
Workshops are also held, aiding the community development in multiple avenues.  They are intended to educate on early child development, positive parenting, nutrition, environmental awareness, sanitation and other crucial aspects of life skill development.

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