Your contribution to our mission can make a huge difference in the future of these children’s life. If you want to help and give proper wings to our “little bugs” for them to reach a new level of opportunities, don’t hesitate, do it now! Little Bugs will be eternally grateful.

Adopt a child’s education

This covers the costs of tuition, food and materials required for one child to attend the school for one year. Adopting an education equates to an amount of N$38’800.00.  At the moment we still have children whose education has not yet been “adopted” and we would be happy to share information on the children that are still in need of sponsors.  By sponsoring a child you ensure that each specific child will get the care and education he or she deserves.

School Material

A donation towards school material will  contribute to one of the items on our wishlist. We strive to have good quality, long lasting educational materials.


We are currently developing an online donation system. Until then, please fill in the form below and use our current banking details. We are truly grateful!

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Bank: First National Bank

Account Name: Namib Sky Community Trust

Branch number: 281 872

Account number: 62255169437

Swift Code: FIRNNANX


A special thank you to all our donors and supporters for your generosity. It’s because of YOU that our little bugs can grow stronger!